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Personal Branding (I): Not Being the Best.

It’s hard to stand out nowadays. Everyone is as good as or better than you, so how can you become the best?
You can’t, but you can “fake it ‘til you make it”. It’s called Personal Branding and it’s simple if you take it step by step…

Remember the first time you realized your parents might be wrong and you are NOT the best at everything? Yet for them, you were always their little wonder and admit it, you loved thinking you are the best. We all did.

Then you grow up. You look around and behold, everyone is as good as (or better than) you are…at everything! You have amazing art skills but your drawings on Instagram mainly get likes from your mother, best friend and that creepy person you don’t know but that likes everything you post. And then there’s THAT guy with 17k followers who draws stick figures. Life is unfair, I know.

Young grasshopper, if you really are the best-best-best at what you do, why do I not know your name? And if you  (like 99% of the population on our planet) are just average, how do you succeed in this dog-eat-dog world? How is your dream of being invited as an honorary guest speaker at the most prestigious industry events ever going to come true? What about having companies fight over having your expertise for themselves? Let’s not forget the general fame and fortune. Or if you dream one dream at a time: how do you get selected for an internship at a cool US company amongst all those other talented architects from all over the world? (That’s for those of you that know what our company does, otherwise, ignore this very specific example.)

Let me give you hope: life is basically an optical illusion. You have the privilege of being part of it.Now you just have to decide what you want to be and then let us help you with the rest through this series of weekly posts.

Think of someone famous. The easiest example to give would be the amazing Steve Jobs who never actually learned to code – he gave ideas for his employees to implement. And yet, when you think about the technological geniuses of our time it’s usually him and Bill Gates that come to mind. So why do we admire someone to the point of not caring about their actual abilities?

Two words: PERSONAL BRANDING. The “best” out there don’t sell their products, services or even ideas – they sell themselves as a brand! That’s part of the reason why they are the best -they are capable of making us believe they are the best.

You aren’t mindblown, are you? Because this is common knowledge and in theory, we all get the idea but it sounds complicated. So let’s start from the beginning. Now that we’ve established the need for being the best at whatever you want to be known as the best in, let’s do it together step by step. No reading lists, no self-improvement courses – just short and to-the-point posts with practical advice on how to show your best side, how to get noticed, how to stand out in general and how to be liked. Sounds good?

Ok, let’s build your brand.


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