I am only a few weeks away from embarking on this new chapter of my life. I could not be more excited about beginning the program at Grisoro Studio.

Hi everyone, my name is Miriam, I am an Architect who graduated from IE University in Madrid in 2022. I grew up in Berlin, Germany where my father comes from along with my parents and my two younger sisters who now live in Spain. After completing the IB Diploma Program I chose to do a gap year during which I realized internships at different offices in Munich at Kai Otto Architekten, in Berlin at Gerkan, Marg & Partner, and finally in Madrid at Estudio Alvarez Sala. These enriching experiences served only as confirmation that this was the path that I wanted to follow in the future. During my gap year I also visited New York for the first time, a city that had left me dreaming. Since then I have had the wish of going back to grow and learn as an Architect and Designer.

I have been working over the past 14 months at Bjarke Ingels Group in Barcelona that been an adventure. They offered me a job at their studio when I was finalizing my thesis project in 2022. I saw this as a great opportunity to understand how a large-scale office works and learn from talented professionals. My journey at BIG has come to an end last week, since I had to move back to Madrid to prepare for the next chapter. I am now finalizing waiting for my embassy interview, which I am nervous about as the last step to begin my New York adventure.

I have been looking to find the right place in New York for quite some time. During my last visit sending follow-up emails to all the places I had applied to, I heard back from Grisoro Studio. It was a great opportunity to present myself in person and get to know everyone. My meeting with Grisoro Studio went great, we got along very well and both had a very good feeling about one another.

Grisoro Studio focuses on interior design primarily residential work in New York and the Hamptons. They have also realized work in Vermont, Texas, and Miami. Grisoro studio’s curated style and approach shows value for craftmanship. It is very sophisticated, elegant and traditional yet with a modern twist. Their work shows value also for historical vintage art and design pieces that inspire and transform the different spaces they design.

Since I was small I have had a passion for interior design. During my studies, it was important to me to gain experience in this field as well for vidnication. Three years ago I did an internship in Madrid at Estudio Akebia, a very dynamic experience in which we were only four people working. This allowed me to receive greater responsibilities and touch upon different tasks. I am extremely excited to be able to go back and continue learning from great professionals and expand my expertise in interior design.

I would like to mention the support received from Architect US during the entire process this first month. My main concern was timing and getting together all the necessary documentation for the program. I expected everything to take much longer but the process is going smoothly thanks to the support from the team of Architect US. All the questions I had during the process were answered and I always I received support in putting together all documents properly. I couldn’t belive that it would all go as fast as it has much less start that soon at Grisoro Studio. I am waiting for my interview at the embassy next week. Hopefully I will truly realize that I am going to New York by then. Right now it all still seems like a dream, but I believe that once I get on the plane it will finally set in.



Miriam Otto


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