Japanese vibe in South Florida

Hi everyone,

today is Friday and another week-end is about to start!

Miami is an international city full of attractions where every taste can be satisfied. This applies more generally to all South Florida whose places can offer you a lot if you are willing to discover its gems.

Starting from the end of September I decided to have more outdoor experiences because of the nicer weather so each week-end I am selecting some new place to visit.

last week was my time to visit the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden located west of Delray Beach in Palm Beach County.

The park and museum are named after George Morikami, a native of Miyazu, Japan, who donated his farm to Palm Beach County to be used as a park. George Morikami was the only member of the Yamato colony to stay in Delray Beach after World War II.

The campus includes two museum buildings, the Roji-en  Garden, a bonsai garden, library, gift shop, and a Japanese restaurant.

The entrance of the campus is located at the main building that host a museum, shops and the tea house where you can assist or participate at the tea ceremony (sadō, or chadō in Japanese) a peculiar experience that I highly recommend in order to dive in this special and unique culture.

As soon as you get outside of main building, there is a tight path that leads you to the starting point of the most interesting part of the museum according to me: the Roji-en Japanese Gardens or Garden of the Drops of Dew designed by Kurisu.

it reflects major periods of Japanese garden design, from the eighth to the 20th century.

Roji-en is organize in 25 stations and through them you can learn and analyze the Japanese garden planning evolution.

It was an incredible experience for me and I hope I will gave you the opportunity to discover another Florida hidden gem.

Eleonora Colacurcio


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