National Parks

We all have our reasons when visiting or moving to a new country that ain’t just professional.
One of my main reasons to be so fixated on the U.S. was their National Parks.

So far, I already had the opportunity of visiting the major ones in California. Such as Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and Yosemite. If you are a nature addict like me, it is so easy to get lost around these parks, and no amount of time will ever be enough to satisfy the exploration vibe. If you don’t know the process of the national parks and are curious about them I will guide you a little bit through it.

National Parks Visits

To visit any National parks there is required to buy an entrance pass.
You can buy a single entry to that park, that lasts for a week or, if you are planning to visit more than two parks in a year, the annual pass is the best option.
The best part is that the annual pass holder can take up to three persons without having to pay an extra ticket.

Joshua Tree

Definitely the weirdest-looking landscape of all that I had the chance to visit so far! These alien-like trees are local to the park, with mountains of rocks that resemble huge feet, ginormous lizards, or feet that are really fun to look at and explore.


Death Valley

I fell in love with the trail names and areas of this park! Not only enough to know that is the place with the highest recorded temperature on earth but they also like to scare their visitors with names such as: Hells Gate, Devils Golf Course, Badwater Basin…

Sequoia and Kings Canyon

After almost dying of high temperatures in the last two National Parks, to witness these majestic giants, it needs to be at an altitude of a minimum of 5000 ft (1524 m) to see the Sequoia trees. It was cold!! It was mid-June and there was still snow all over the landscape.


This was definitely my favorite! Especially when entering the part from the top of the valley, doing all the way down, it flashes every visitor with an amazing fairy-like landscape. I never saw so many waterfalls together in the same place! And remarkable landmarks such as El Capitan.
I am in love and I hope I can still visit Yosemite again in the future!

Maria Lima


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