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History and Culture of Edmonds Lee Architects

Edmonds + Lee Architects is a full-service design, development, and architecture firm based in San Francisco’s Mission District. Partners Robert Edmonds and Vivian Lee—who met at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning—integrate a profoundly philosophical approach with a deep well of on-the-ground building experience to produce work that explores light, space, plane, material, and the endless possibilities of form. Their work is ethereal and material, equally grounded in real-world concerns like budget and local rental markets as in conceptual concerns like duality, the power of a flush of recognition, and intimacy. The ability to work simultaneously on projects ranging from the ultra-intimate scale of a bedroom closet to the necessarily universal appeal of a large-scale multi-family building has produced a design approach equally tethered to precision and abstraction.

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Edmonds + Lee Architects are as versed in ideas as they are in the vagaries of sunlight, as confident picking the perfect floorboards as they are in discussing the historical implications of the ideal stair detail, as comfortable with the expansive scale of the urban fabric as they are with the bottomless uniqueness of each client. They have explored the limitations of the urban grid and the possibilities of rural expansiveness, all with the same intense focus on client collaboration, material sensitivity, and spatial thoughtfulness. Every project explores the relationship between continuity and interruption, between seamlessness and breaks.

Every building is its own adventure, one that emerges with a story formed in deep collaboration with clients, contractors, interior designers, and landscape architects. Edmonds + Lee is deeply embedded in and familiar with the complex worlds of real estate, art, development, codes, and practice.

For the last ten years, Edmonds + Lee Architects has provided groundbreaking and consistent work for a number of clients; the partners have been formally recognized by the Monterey Design Conference; New Practices San Francisco; Architizer; and Arkitektura Assembly.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Edmonds Lee Architects Selected Projects

Remember House

For this four-story family residence, the architects experimented with vertical circulation and crisp white materiality to create a spacious, vibrant, and geometrically engaging house. Organized around a singular central spine, the project is an exploration of fluid continuity and volumetric adventure. On a down-sloping hillside parcel of land in San Francisco’s Noe Valley sits this four-story project that embraces vertical stacking and crisp materiality for a tightly-knit family unit of three.

Four-story massing usually leads to a space that feels tight or repetitive, so the architects worked to make the vertical circulation both evocative and valuable, forgoing the pancake-style San Francisco house, and instead opening the house in section, maximizing a feeling of spaciousness and a sense of architectural adventure. That meant a small sacrifice in terms of physically usable space, but a huge gain in terms of enjoyable architecture. Double-height spaces and a staircase centered within the central spine of the house encourage the clients and their visitors to engage with each level.

Photos by Edmonds Lee Architects

Parcel T – 188 Octavia Blvd.

For this competition-winning project, Edmonds + Lee Architects teamed up with a local developer to acquire a city-owned parcel on Octavia Boulevard. Our proposal honors the strong Hayes Valley and San Francisco tradition of multi-family residential housing set over a vibrant, pedestrian-orientated commercial presence. The 27-unit Parcel T both blends seamlessly into the existing fabric of the city, and expresses itself as a significant work of contemporary architecture.

We designed a wide variety of unit configurations, maximizing spatial diversity on each floor as well as emphasizing access to sunlight, air, and a visual connection to the bustling streetscape. On the roof, a landscaped garden offers sanctuary and respite.

Photos by Edmonds Lee Architects

33 Tehama

Edmonds + Lee Architects was commissioned to design all public spaces—including rooftop solarium, lobby, lounge, spa, and gym— as well as all the units, for this new luxury rental building. This is the first San Francisco multifamily project to be developed by Hines. Produced in collaboration with award-winning firm Arquitectonica, 33 Tehama sets a new standard for urban high-rise living. We designed generous amenity spaces featuring top-of-the-line finishes targeted specifically towards discerning San Franciscans.

Photos by Edmonds Lee Architects

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Edmonds Lee Architects

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