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History and Culture of Space4Architecture

They are a New York-based architectural design studio working across different scales and typologies, both in the private and public realm.  As a team, their desire is to generate a detailed and thorough design that engages their clients in a simple, direct, and joyful manner.  Their non-hierarchical approach to design enables them to create architecture free of stylistic limitations that welcome and respond to their client’s needs.  The office’s reputation for simplicity and clarity of design strengthens with every project researched and completed, as they believe this to be the foundation of a solid and timeless environment.

S4A was founded by Michele Busiri Vici and was joined by Clementina Ruggieri in 2014.  Together they share an academic background from both the US and Europe and more than 20 years of professional experience in the United States. S4A was recently awarded 1st Prize for the competition “New Auditorium at the Riga Exhibition Center”, Latvia.

S4A is excited to have received WBE Certification in 2017.

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Michele Busiri Vici, FAIA
Founding Principal

Michele Busiri-Vici, principal and founder of Space4Architecture, has more than 20 years of experience in Architecture.
He received his Master of Architecture from La Sapienza University in Rome in 1995, graduating under the instruction of the late professor Luigi Pellegrin.
He moved to the United States in 1995.
Michele founded Space4 Architecture in 1999 in New York and has since been the lead designer on all the firm’s projects.
Michele has worked on a variety of projects from large scale hospitality and residential buildings, to houses, interiors, and custom furniture.
Michele has recently completed teaching Design Studio at Pratt Institute, GAUD, and has previously taught Integrated Design at Columbia University in New York. He is a frequent visiting critic at the Pratt Institute, Columbia University, Parsons, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Clementina Ruggieri, RA

Clementina Ruggieri has 15 years of work experience in Architecture between New York and Rome and has been principal at Space4 Architecture since 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London and a Master Degree in Architecture from Columbia University.
Clementina is a Registered Architect in New York State and has received her Passive House Certification in 2013.
Prior to joining S4A, she founded BArC Studio in New York and worked at Lazzarini Pickering Architects in Rome for several years, where she was project architect for many of their international projects.
Clementina has taught Integrated Design at GSAPP, Columbia University, and is currently teaching Design Studio at Parsons, The New School, New York.

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Space4Architecture Selected Projects

Indian Creek

Miami, FL
Competition 2015
94000 sqf

We orientated the building parallel to the perimeter of the allowed area of construction, to benefit from the Eastern & Western light/views. As well as, beneficial cross ventilation with the apartments. Each apartment has a terrace facing both ocean (east) and bay (west). The new tower generates from a platform suspended 15’-0” above ground level, which becomes the buildings garden, a large private terrace overlooking the bay. It is also where the gym and open air pool are located. Under the platform, the lobby at first floor is fully glazed, with the two “elevators/stairs’ cores floating within it, so to guarantee an extremely open space, and no visual barrier between interior and exterior.
It is also raised 2’-0” above ground, so to guarantee natural ventilation to the underground parking. Modifying the coastal line of the bay along the property allows for us to bring the water in and allow for private docking right at the lobby level.

Photos by Space4Architecture

San Jose, CA

We envision The Arches of San Jose’ as an opportunity to bring new life to the Guadalupe River Park and the surrounding city.
Our concept is that of a multi-purpose vertical park – a light and ethereal intervention that vertically extends from the ground with a minimal footprint on the existing park. We strive to create an iconic architectural gesture with a big impact on the surrounding city and a minimal impact on the Guadalupe River Park.
The new structure will act as an incubator for social exchange and entertainment, mixing visitors of all ages and provenience in a permeable, accessible, and open environment.
This porous structure strives to embody the 21st Century spirit of San Jose’. Its permeability seamlessly ties together the urban and natural landscape.
The project is comprised of two main elements: the structural arched frame and the roof-top garden. Inspired by the silicon wafer disc grid, the structural frame creates a shaded outdoor space as it encases the site. The roof-top garden floats 200′ feet above the ground, guaranteeing sweeping views of both the urban and the natural surroundings.
We envision a porous and engaging structure: a simple maze of passages, ramps, and green plates all accessible to the public through a multitude of paths. Each route offers the visitor a different experience. It pulls visitors in, it encourages interaction, it welcomes kids as well as seniors, it offers equipment for games and workout. It’s the ideal space for lunch breaks as well as business interviews.
The Arches of San Jose’ will act as an urban lighthouse – Gracefully rising above the city and tangent to downtown San Jose’, it becomes an iconic reference, visible from the distance throughout the day and at night.
The homogeneous appearance of the new structure, with 4 lookalike arched sides, results in a building of equal importance on all sides with no front or back. It physically embodies the progressive and welcoming character of the city of San Jose and California. The structure acts as an envelope as well, thus allowing to filter solar exposure, daylight, and transparency. It encourages visitors to move through the park at ground level to the elevated ramps all the way to the roof terrace, where uninterrupted views of the surrounding city and Santa Clara Valley are guaranteed all the way to the magnificent beauty of Mount Hamilton.

Photos by Space4Architecture

The Celino Hotel

Miami Beach
In Progress

This project consists of a new 15,000 sq/ft building with 12 suites, restaurant and rooftop pool.
The hotel guests are greeted below the newly designed glass bottomed pool, which brings light and transparency to the central atrium and the ground floor restaurant. The project also includes the renovation of 95,000 sq/ft of the historic Park Central Hotel, comprised of 3 adjacent buildings. This includes new lobbies, new bar, new hallways, new rooms and new garden and pool.

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