J1 Visa Denial
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Beware of these reasons for J1 Visa denial!

Are you applying for a J1 Visa with Architect-US? Although it is a relatively straightforward process, be cautious of the following factors that often result in a J1 Visa denial!

1: Lacking Evidence of Return

Perhaps the most common reasons for the J1 Visa denial! You need to prove that you have strong family ties, existing capital, bank accounts, and businesses for evidence that you have full intentions to return to your home country.

Prove that you are coming to the U.S. for educational purposes!

2: Failing Security Check

You will need to pass a security check. If your name is noted in the system, you can experience a J1 Visa Denial.

Additionally, if you had overstayed a previous visa or you are accused of criminal charges, you will not be able to get your visa. Included in this segment is a failure to comply with visa requirements in a previous visa such as accepting US government assistance or failure to comply with health insurance requirements.

3: Lacking Professionalism

This is an obvious factor! Make sure to show up on time for your Visa interview as Americans are very punctual. Please dress appropriately and be confident in your mannerisms.

4: Fraud or lying or telling the incomplete truth

Lying to a visa officer is the quickest way to get your visa rejected. Do not misrepresent facts or give fake documents; if you are caught, you will not get your visa.

5: Lacking appropriate insurance

Make sure you have the insurance that fits your visa’s insurance regulations! Some visas require a plan for adequate insurance at the time of the interview and others will revoke a visa if insurance regulations do not get met. Be sure to know what you need and have it.

6: Lacking the ability to pay

This goes with evidence for a return to home country, but you need to be able to prove that you can fund yourself for at least one year. You have to be able to show that you can afford the first year in liquid assets (such as cash); this usually requires some sort of bank statement.

If you are unable to fund yourself or do not have proper funding, this will be a reason for a J1 Visa denial.

7. Lacking academic credentials 

Make it a point to show that you are academically remarkable! Visa officers will check that you have these credentials to come to the U.S.

Need help obtaining a J1 while avoiding these common mistakes? Contact Architect-US to get started!



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