Camping Trip at Wellesley Island State Park

It is always a good decision to enjoy the holidays with a camping trip, especially in a very wonderful weather. It is almost summer time but it seems like it is coming in early in Watertown! We had a blast on my first camping trip for the Memorial Day weekend in Wellesley Island State Park in Fineview, New York. Just half an hour from Watertown.

The weather was so perfect for all the activities there is in the State Park. We had a memorable family gathering that doesn’t happen usually. We went trail hiking and running, watched the sunset by the lake and we also went to the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center. We ate a lot of delicious homemade food and grilled steaks and burgers. We enjoyed staying under the heat of the sun but felt more relaxed at night just by sitting by the bonfire. The good talks and stories make it even more fun.

There are a lot of memories to be kept during the Memorial Day weekend. It was so much fun and it was nice to meet a lot of people along the way. The stories and laughter were never-ending. I get to know more about the American culture and that makes it easier for me to adjust to the new life I have here in America.

I still have so much to learn throughout this journey and there’s also a lot of places that I can’t wait to see. The first three weeks of stay here in America was so amazing! The culture shock was there but the people here are very welcoming, kind and they all wear these contagious smiles on their faces. And that is one of the reasons that makes it easier for me to adopt the American life!


Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.


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