4 Ways To Prepare Your English Skills For Professional Work in the USA

English is perhaps one of the most important languages we can know today, with approximately 330 million native speakers and with over one billion people that know English as a second language. So, yes, knowing how to speak English well is a very useful tool for you to have. That is one of the great advantages of the Architect-US Job+J1 Program, not only will gain valuable professional experience in a work environment, but you will also practice and perfect your English along the way. Of course, it is a requirement that your English level is already decent prior to getting into the program, however, it may be your second language and one you haven’t had the opportunity to use often otherwise. So, if you want to take part of the program and use this opportunity to come back home speaking like a native, here’s a few tips you should follow:

1. Books

Reading books in English is a great way for you brush up on your grammar and even learn new words and sentence structures along the way. The brain always takes some time to develop and attach meaning to the words that you hear in your mind as you are reading, so repetition and visual recognition of the words will help you along the way. It will also help you understand grammar and structure of the language, which will come in handy when you need to write something yourself.

2. Television

Nowadays arguably everyone uses apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, so make sure that if you fit in that category, that you watch everything in English. If it helps you can use the subtitles as you watch the series or film, that way you can follow the dialogue as you are reading along. That way your ears get used to the sounds and you begin to get familiarized with people that may speak faster, or use common slang that you are not used to.

3. Integration

This is perhaps the most important of them all. Try to speak with as may people as you can, this is the best way that you will put your verbal language skills to use. Whenever you go to a supermarket, shopping, theater, movies, or wherever you go, make sure that you ask for things in English, and whenever you can spark a light conversation with the locals. Don’t worry, most people are very friendly and great listeners!

4. Writing

It is also a very good idea that you practice writing in English. That is because you are then learning by doing, so you are putting what is on your head to practice. It also gets you to start thinking in English and it will help you practice your grammar skills. It is great if your verbal skills are excellent, but it goes a long way if you can match that with impeccable writing.

Don’t let the English part of this experience scare you! You will see that just in a short period of time you will be communicating freely and easily with your colleagues and put that you meet along the way. That will mainly be because you will have to speak on a daily basis and whatever fright or nervousness you had about speaking, will go away when you realize that nobody is judging you and that you are on the same boat as countless other people around you.

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