4 Tips To Leverage Pinterest For Your Architecture Brand

1. Educational Content

While Pinterest is image-based, the content that matters most is the core depth of your pins––ultimately raising awareness and opening the opportunity to link to your company’s website.

Be sure that you are including relevant context behind your photos whenever you are posting your content. For example, you can elaborate on the background or collaborative efforts behind a photo, revealing interesting insight for your audience.

When posting images on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to link a URL to an image––giving you the perfect anchor to direct users to your website. This will also help clients with any questions they may have, while also enhancing your SEO presence.

Some URLs you can include on your Pinterest can be relevant blogs from your website, helping elevate you as an expert in your field. You can also create and pin images and infographics that are relevant to the architectural industry, even if they aren’t your own work. It’s the constant flow of content that matters on this platform.

2. Concise Descriptions

Maintaining your audience’s attention can sometimes be a struggle, so adhering to a direct and descriptive dialogue is essential for your pin’s content, as well as the pinboard’s title.

Even though the pin’s description has a limit of 500 characters, this doesn’t mean you should write to the brim. Try and keep your descriptions to 200 characters or below, as anything longer may drive users away.

Hashtags are another feature to take advantage of. The limit is 20 hashtags per pin, but be sure not to overdo it. Link your hashtags to your other social media platforms for seamless integration, helping carry your content over to different audiences.

Be sure to exercise keywords within your title, description, and hashtags. Applying all of these tactics as well as linking back to your website will make the information easy to obtain, help develop your online brand, and bring in your targeted audience.

3. Outside Pin Inspiration

With a social media platform based around visual aspects, it’s not hard to “toot your own horn”––however, no one likes a megalomaniac. It’s important to convey a sense of humility, and showcasing your own various inspirations is a great way to keep your feed alive.

“Pinspiration boards” are popular amongst those in the architectural bubble, and the best part about them is that your inspiration doesn’t have to be solely project-based. For example, you can create a higher sense of engagement by shedding light on the people who help run your company––show the cogs of your well-oiled machine and what makes it run! Putting your team in the spotlight demonstrates that you prioritize a sense of synergy.

You can also layout different fields within the architecture industry, helping draw a bigger picture of inclusivity within your field. After all, the architecture industry is a network in itself––and everyone who works in it should feel a sense of togetherness from within.

4. Build a Community

Learn to utilize shared boards––where multiple users can pin onto, helping foster an overall sense of community as more and more people contribute. They’re also referred to as contributor boards, community boards, and co-operation boards, but really, they’re all the same thing!

Join a few boards that you are already familiar with, such as the boards of companies that you follow. You can even invite them to yours! There is a “follow all” button feature on shared boards, which can help drive traffic in. Websites such as Board Deck can help you pinpoint other group boards. It will also help you strengthen your pinning strategy.

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