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A guide to overcoming the next architecture crisis

Due to the decline in the stock market over recent times, many architectural firms predict there may be another recession like the ones we’ve seen in the past. Just like it happened earlier, the recession affected the housing market which influenced the amount of architectural jobs coming in. Which is why it is your job as a young professional to do everything in your power to be as crucial to the firm as you can. In architecture, there are times of the year that are known to be busier than others, so don’t feel disappointed if you’ve struggled finding a job, it is known that this career is somewhat cyclical. It is very common that during some periods of the year there aren’t as many offers going around. So, if you are currently employed it is essential that you work hard to set a standard as an employee. That means that you should be coming in on time, working hard, and not thinking about being the first to leave the office in the afternoons. Also, make sure that you are going further than your daily tasks and that you are partaking in as many assignments as you can. It is important that the decision makers around the office see the value that you bring to them and that you are worth their investment.

If you are presently looking for a job, make sure that your resume and portfolio are both up to date. Don’t wait until the last minute to compile all of your work. You should take some time on the weekends to keep updating your portfolio and making sure that everything is fresh on your mind and in the physical document. That way you can already start reaching out to other professionals that you may know through your network and in LinkedIn. During office hours, make sure that you take advantage of every situation. Make yourself present and have a positive attitude towards your work. Higher-ups and colleagues tend to prefer working with someone that is more pleasant and motivated, even if they are not necessarily the most capable. So, make sure that you are a genuinely nice person, it does go a long way! If you feel like cuts are starting to be made around the office, make sure that you take the first step to discuss with your supervisor about your contribution within the firm. Establish the fact that you are a team player and that you are willing to help the company by easing their payroll. That is ONLY if you see that layoffs are taking place and there aren’t many options left, and what that means is that you are open to reducing work hours around the office and work for part-time until things pick up again.

Don’t get discouraged, things like this tend to happen! It has happened to all of us, so what we can always do to help ourselves is to get ahead of the situation. Following these suggestions and continuing to work hard will help you in these circumstances. It is good to think about things like these because it keeps us motivated and aware of the fact that we should not take everything as a given. It is important that you value the job that you have now and if you find yourself in the hunt now, that you do everything you can do to find your dream job!


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