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History and Culture of S9 Architecture

S9 Architecture is a team of 70 designers dedicated to giving form to our client’s pragmatic needs, with a unique design approach rooted in “modern contextualism” and inspired by urban narratives. Rejecting pre-conceived ideas and stylistic preoccupations, each design solution is informed by programmatic, physical, environmental, economic and contextual forces.  They believe their projects are part of a larger whole, acting as glue that helps bind and enhance their context for human experiences.

Their design narratives include projects of all sizes, programs and complexities. Each project is unique to its context and it’s environment. They collaborate with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and utilize their design approach to achieve this through buildings and places that strengthen and improve the urban and human experience.

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The design of 205 Water Street was conceived to complement and preserve the unique character of the DUMBO Historic Landmark District in which it is located— a neighborhood of 19th and early 20th century industrial architecture of greatly varied and often monumental scale. The principal exterior building material is cast in place architectural concrete, the very same material used in the district’s larger turn of the century loft buildings. This concrete, rendered in a more contemporary smooth, cool gray, is contrasted by warm Cor-Ten steel accents that are inspired by the weathered industrial metalwork found throughout the neighborhood.

Dock 72 is a 16-story, 675,000 sf mixed-use office building designed in response to the way people work today, and sited in the heart of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a 300-acre former shipyard and industrial park, reimagined as an anchor of Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle. A locus of creativity, entrepreneurship, and modern industry in New York, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is home to over 300 local businesses generating more than $2B of revenue annually. More than a vanguard office building, Dock 72 is an inspiring workplace environment and incubator at the center of the emerging industries that are defining New York’s future.

160 East 22nd Street is a 21-story, 84-unit condominium apartment building, located in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. In addition to luxury residences, the building includes ground foor retail space. The design is based on a modern interpretation of the elegant and timeless classic pre-war apartment buildings in the neighborhood. The limestone clad building’s massing is sculpted to incorporate a 24’ cantilever, and punctuated with alternating deep set fenestration pattern. The building’s dramatic signature cantilever was conceived to successfully incorporate additional development rights purchased by the property; while the required setbacks were incorporated into the composition, allowing the top level apartment units to enjoy access to terraces.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

S9 Architecture‘s Selected Projects

CLIENT: Toll Brothers City Living. SCOPE OF WORK: architecture, interior design. SIZE: 125,000 SF. LOCATION: 205 Water. Brooklyn, NY.  STATUS: built. PROGRAM: residential.

• More than 40% of the total value of materials used to construct the building contain recycled content including kitchen cabinets, wood floors, steel reinforcement and steel stairs.
• More than 50% of the total value of materials used to construct the building are harvested, recovered or manufactured within 500 miles of DUMBO including concrete, doors, windows frames and drywall.
• More than 75% of construction waste was diverted from landfills or incinerators and recycled, keeping the air cleaner and reducing demand for virgin materials.
• The historic Coney Island Boardwalk and other reclaimed woods have been re-purposed as architectural accents and furniture.

Photos by S9 Architecture


CLIENT: Boston Properties. Rudin Development. SCOPE OF WORK: architecture. SIZE: 675,000 SF. LOCATION: 67 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY. STATUS: Built. PROGRAM: office. AWARDS: Excellence in Design Award. New York City Public Design Commission. 2016. NYC X Design On the Boards Award. 2016.

S9 Architecture envisioned Dock 72 as a modern office building that venerates the legacy of labor forged at Brooklyn’s historic Navy Yard, while looking ahead to foster the tech, manufacturing, and creative sectors that have rebirthed 21st century industry in Brooklyn. Innovation and collaboration continue to drive the explosive growth of these industries worldwide. Dock 72 is designed to harness the power of these forces by organically facilitating cross-pollination, networking, and idea sharing through serendipitous encounters between the diverse community of startups, creative, and small businesses who share workspace there.

Photos by S9 Architecture


CLIENT: Toll Brothers City Living. SCOPE OF WORK: architecture, interior design. SIZE: 116,000 SF. NUMBER OF UNITS: 84. LOCATION: 160 East 22nd Street. New York, NY.  STATUS: built. PROGRAM: residential, retail. AWARDS: World Architects. American Building of the Year. 2017. Finalist.

As with the exterior design, the interior is comprised of classical proportions and contemporary character. A well balanced variation of noble materials and details throughout the building creates a sleek style with a touch of luxury vintage, all executed by local craftsmen. Millwork details in the lobby and apartment units accentuate a sophisticated traditional touch, while the muted natural elements and white spaces stage the perfect backdrop for the owners’ eclectic styles.

Overall, 160 East 22nd Street’s design aims to blend classic contemporary lines with historic contextual influences, resolving complex vernacular New York City regulations, while meeting the fine aesthetic and pragmatic needs of its end users.

Photos by S9 Architecture

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