Neubau des LVR-Hauses

Alberto Lozano Duran, an Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program participant, joins us for his second submission to the Portfolio Challenge with his project called Neubau des LVR-Hauses.

Alberto Lozano Duran, joined the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program last year, and before that studied Architecture at ETSAM and went to start his professional career in Germany at kadawittfeldarchitektur in the Aachen region. This time around Alberto is providing us with a project called Neubau des LVR-Hauses.

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Bahnhofsquartier Opladen, his last submitted project, aimed to be the gateway to the city and to solve the connection with the new train station and the city center. This project was thought as a complex where different typologies and functions try to reconnect again two parts of the city split in the time by the railways.

The main problem in these competitions was the design of the entrance to the building, understanding the entrance as an experience that guides the employees or visitors inside the building from the street through different areas and experiences. The first filter is a public square in front of the main façade of the building. Then as you move inside the building to an interior lobby of five floors that leads, through a wide staircase/seating area, to the conference floor and from this one to the interior courtyard. Different areas visually connected but split at the same time with virtual elements.

Design Team from kadawittfeldarchitektur that worked on this project: Tim Witte, Alberto Lozano Duran, Pawel Pietkum, and Guangmin Huang.

Alberto used Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Rhinoceros to create Bahnhofsquartier Opladen as well as Neubau des LVR-Hauses. Alberto was working in California with HMC Architects until he lost his job there and had to search for a new job in California. He was able to find a new job in record time and you can learn more about his experience by tuning in to the interview that Pati did with him recently here.

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Images by Alberto Lozano Duran

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