How it all began. From Madrid to NY

In 4 days, I will be making a dream come true moving to NYC and I still cannot believe it. I remember how in September looking for a job turned to be my new job. Every day during a couple of months, updating the portfolio, changing my cover letters, and filling my “please hire me” excel with all the firms which I forwarded my CV.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to move outside Spain, and I sent tons of emails to countries in Europe and without much faith some to the USA. Even though, my dream was to live the “American Dream” I considered impossible that a firm would stop to see my CV and portfolio and furthermore sponsor me the Visa.

This situation turned 180-degree when MQ Architecture and Architect-US suddenly appeared in my life! It was in the first interview with Miguel that I knew MQ Architecture was my place. Since that moment everything went super smoothly. After the second interview with MQ we were ready to start all the paperwork.

At this moment, Architect-US did an amazing job explaining me all the steps to proceed for the Visa, advising me and helping me prepare for everything. Special thanks to Sonia, who had to put up with my tons of question emails and even some phone calls. Once the main paperwork was done, the last step was the well-known embassy appointment, which at first can be a bit scary knowing how much depends on it. However, with all the Architect-US tips and tricks once you are there you realize there is nothing to be scared of if you have all the papers in order, which you will, because Architect-US cares a lot.

Now I still can not believe I am writing my first blog entry after achieving what I considered impossible.

I will be informing on how this adventure goes, nevertheless, be sure I will try as hard as I can to make it amazing!

Ignacio de Silóniz


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