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Last September I decided I wanted to apply for a J1 Visa to be an intern for a couple of months in the US. I contacted a family friend that works in a studio in North Carolina to see if there was any chance for me to go work over there for him as an intern. After going through the admissions process and being offered a position I had to find out how to go through with all the paperwork needed. Having spent a school year a couple years ago as a high school exchange student I had some idea of what I needed to do but not entirely. Luckily, Patricia came to my college in October to advertise Architect-US. It was perfect timing since I was starting to investigate how to find a company that would help me go through all the burocracy needed to obtain a J1 Visa. After looking into a couple other options I decided Architect-US was the best one because of their personalised attention. What I mean by this is having someone you can contact at any time through email and obtaining an answer pretty fast. Sonia has done a great job helping me through the entire process and thanks to the whole team I already have my J1 Visa stamped on my passport. The whole procedure took less than I expected and although it requires a considerable amount of paperwork and time Architect-US made everything very easy and simple. There are still a couple details I have to finsh before I move to the US in a couple of weeks but I hope everything goes as smoothly as it has for the last few months. As a conclusion, I would recommend this company to anyone who is in a similar situation to mine.


Eduardo Pérez

Eduardo Perez


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