Today  I am working from home because my bosses have arranged it. I am trying to make even more effort to achieve the goal of fulfilling my company, since I am very happy and identified with GF55 ethics.

In my country, Spain, which is mostly Catholic, Father’s Day is celebrated today as it is a holiday for Saint Joseph, who is also my mother’s saint. She is a doctor working, fighting for this battle. There is also my brother, Tomás, who has already finished his medicine studies, preparing the specialty he is catching up on the pandemic we are going through. He is waiting for the call to help. I am thinking on all of them.

Naturally, these are difficult times. Being in Spain nowadays it seems to be a hard time. The Coronavirus outbreak is striking hard Europe. Spain is the second European country, after our Italian brothers, which is being affected the most.

In addition, you cannot imagine how happy I am with the latest news I have read. For example, all of humanity is seeking and testing drugs which could decrease the progress of the disease. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization is conducting a global study. All of this while waiting for a possible definitive vaccine, which is also being sought and… how could it be otherwise, my dear Americans, this great nation, have already started testing.

If I have spoken of misfortune, I am more pleased to see the world’s solidarity and this new love that the human being is discovering. There are countless cases of donations, help to the needy, compassion, altruism etc. I know there are fears, sicknesses, and even deaths. But I think that sooner or later we will solve the pandemic, and I am very proud of the worldwide’s reaction. In my personal opinion, the human being will be better after the cure. I think we will value more the small details such as walks, contact with our friends, family gatherings, handshakes and kisses etc. I think we will see ourselves far different from now on, for the better.

Obviously I can’t stop thinking about how important positive human reaction is. I mean that within misfortunes, humor is not lost at all. For example, in Spain, people go out of the balconies or the windows to clap for the sanitary, other day for the police, another one for the supermarkets and food suppliers, and so on. They tell me that jokes are told from balcony to balcony. Some people try to flirt from terrace to terrace and many other things. In short, those within the bad, my Spanish countrymen react with hope.

There is beautiful word, with which I want to end this post, HOPE. With HOPE we will be able to stop the pandemic. We will achieve the solutions, and we will live with much love to each other.

A. Buades

Alicia Buades


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