The first month in the city has been a blur. It has certainly been a month dedicated to discovering the city, settling in and starting my internship.

But, step by step.

First days

I arrived in NY on June 24th, accompanied by my mother and sister. The three of us were excited, but also full of nerves. We were exhausted from the trip, so the first day we went straight to the AirBnB to sleep.

I was the only one of the three of us who had been to the city a couple of times, so I spent the first few days as a guide. We did each and every one of the things that appear in all the to do list of a good tourist in New York. We visited the Top of the Rock, the Empire, the famous Fifth Avenue, the Brooklyn Bridge and the 9/11 memorial among other things. We also went a bit off the beaten path, going into the Bronx and Queens.

Burocratic stuff

However, it wasn’t all going to be as easy as taking a photo here and a photo there. In between the first few days, I had to get an American phone number, open a bank account, get a social security number and look for an apartment. This last task was undoubtedly the most complicated.

Looking for an apartment in one of the most popular cities in the world is not easy. In addition, even if you use trustworthy websites, the web is full of scams. Therefore, my biggest advice is to be careful, and visit any place before paying for it.

Getting used to

On July 3rd I said goodbye to my family and started my solo adventure. Since then I have dedicated my time to discovering my new neighborhood, Brooklyn. A quiet neighborhood, well connected and full of families and young people. During this month, I have also started my internship. I have to admit that the first days were complicated, but little by little I am feeling more comfortable. In the meantime, I have also met some Spaniards who, like me, are doing their internships in NY.

So far it has been an incredible experience that I’m sure will bring me many things.


Iratxe López


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