End of my internship


My internship at GMS and my American experience have now come to an end. I enjoyed very much my time at GMS. It was a rewarding and happy experience!

I learned so much from working on different projects and with different people. I had the chance to work on a big variety of topics. My main project the design of a complex house located within a heavy snow region of New York State. I started from the very beginning with the schematic design and finished with the Design Development set. I am very proud of my work on this house because I was only guided by a partner of the company, so I was very independent on this project. Besides, I participated in various design and calculation tasks on wood buildings and steel buildings. I also worked directly with a founding partner on various studies and presentations on the fire performance of steel connections, party wall construction, seismic design, and statistical evaluation. It was very challenging because I had to handle very specialized and technical topics, that I was completely unfamiliar with in the beginning. But it was always very interesting, and I learned a lot from these projects.

Finally, even though it was a bit hard to integrate when at first because of the covid situation, I loved the atmosphere and the people in the office! In particular, the baseball game and the beach volleyball seasons were a lot of fun!

I am grateful for this incredible experience. Besides my structural engineering training, I discovered so many beautiful places and I learned so much about the American history and culture. Last but not least, I met amazing people that I will not forget. It is now time for me to fly back to France to finish my master’s degree. Maybe come back one day to work in New York?

Sarah Ropert


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