Good morning Architect-US people, here we go at our monthly appointment. Four weeks are gone away since I landed into the U.S but what a days! definitely INTENSE. Hundred of thousand things to do: organize your new home, find a new car, settle in your new community, deal with SSN and bank account and drive license meanwhile you are approaching in a new work environment. you can feel how much my mind is blooding, don’t you?

well, dear architect-us participant to be, don’t be afraid…it is worth it! ->https://www.architect-us.com/#programs

I am dribbling among all these stuff every day but once I arrive at the office and I sit on my desk I feel my self fulfilled. with Arquitonica it is been love at first glance, each one of my coworker start help me since the begin. The environment I found is beyond my expectation. A BIG firm with a BIG heart, and maybe I am not wrong in thinking that this aspect is their game changer.

SO, compliment up to me for my choice 🙂 but now let’ talk about the Miami. As soon as I got a bunch of time, I started visiting the city and I felt immediately fascinated by the different souls that each district hide. In fact, it reflect the historic development of such a melting pot city, that was -and still is – a place of redemption for many people coming from South and Central America. Although you are in the U.S, when you walk down these streets you can feel the Latin warmth while listening people speak Spanglish.

I just went to scout the area during this days and I am far away to being a 305 girl but give me time. It’s all for now and I left you with a stunning view of South Beach skyline that I hope you will appreciate.

Touch base next month!


Eleonora Colacurcio


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