Weekend in Pensilvania

Hi everyone!

Last weekend I went on the first trip since the pandemic started. More that five months in the city had been a lot! I needed to take some fresh air and be in contact with the nature for some days. I have to say that it was amazing to leave the noisy, crowded, busy manhattan for couple of days! The destination for my friends and I was Pensilvania and final destination….. one of the most famous houses in contemporary architecture THE FALLING WATER HOUSE by the most famous American architect in history Frank Lloyd Wright!

The house is located in Bear Run around 6h away from NYC with car, I bit far way,… but totally worth it to go! We travel on Friday night and spend the night in a small town 4hours away from here and we arrived to the Bear Run on a Saturday morning. The weather was not really great, because it was raining practically all day but it really didn’t bother us.  We were so excited to visit the house that didn’t care about the weather! Umbrella, raining coat and ready to go! The house is located literary in the middle of nowhere. To get to the house we had to do a 20 walk through the little forest and then finally you start seeing the house in between the trees. The first view of the house is the back side. This part was the unknown part of the project for us. Everyone always have the view from the other side if the river and seeing how the building was built in contact with the rocks was amazing! Then we walked through the terraces and  amazing cantilevers (inside is closed to the public) where we could see the interior spaces and then finally we crossed to the other side of the river and had the famous view!

I felt I was looking at a book! The experience was incredible, I never thought I could ever visit and see it in person such an architectural legend!

Maria Diego


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