find an internship in New York

How to find an internship in New York

How did I find an internship in New York?

I know several people who had internships in international architectural companies. They did this during their studies or immediately after graduation. I really like what they told about their experience. Firstly, it is an incredible challenge to go to another country to work. Secondly, it is the practice of language and the opportunity to evaluate yourself as an international specialist.
I thought about an architectural internship for about a year and decided only after graduating from university.
In July 2018, I graduated from Moscow Architectural University and received a bachelor’s degree in architecture. I made a portfolio and sent it to 132 bureaus. I hoped that they would invite me for an internship, but for a long time, nobody answered me.
And finally, in September, interviews began. I had several Skype interviews. I really liked the internship terms at Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc. and I chose this company, I did it, I find an internship in New York!
On September 6, the paperwork process began.
My company turned to Architect US for help in preparing the documents. Now I understand how much easier my internship search process would have been if I had immediately applied to the Architect US! Translation of a diploma, certificates from the university, letters of recommendation – all this takes time. I really enjoyed working with Architect US. They answered all my questions and were always in touch.
The last stage was an interview at the US Embassy. For this, I needed to get the originals of several documents by mail. And then there was one trouble. My documents were sent by mistake to another country and came a month later! Now it is funny for me to remember this case, but then I was very worried because the internship was postponed for a month.
I passed the interview at the embassy on November 23 and on November 28 the visa was in my passport. I was incredibly happy!
December 10th was my first working day! Now I have new friends-architects and prove myself as a qualified specialist.

I hope my story about how to find an internship in New York was useful to you!

Maria Malygina



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