Learning in site visits

I think one of the most incredible experiences for us, architects, is to have the opportunity that could see projects became real.

In this short time I had the opportunity to go at the site and seeing and learning about the different construction processes, technologies and materials used in the industry.

Some technologies that they use are more advance than in my country. One of the most popular that make a different, is the wood framing – structural systems-. It is different because in my country, Uruguay, is more popular used concrete or steel to build all the structure. But here the building structure can be possible used wood. You can built until 5 stories (for residential buildings) used only wood as structure but If the building is higher than 5 stories is common  to build a concrete podium and then end up with wood frame above. One of the reason to use this technologies is the possible to save time because this structures getting ready at the site and the assembly is really quickly. And at the end of the day all this time saved, allow that buildings are cheaper and more affordable. 

All of this are possible because before works stared, engineers spend a lot of time working on the structure and sizing all the structural pieces. Also a lot of times, architecture, structure and MEP, talked each other to get the best final project possible.

The site visits have been a really good experience for me and I am sure I still have so much more to learn and discover and I am still exiting for what is in store for me and this adventure of architecture in New Jersey.


Matias de Leon


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