Architecture in NYC

It has now been nearly six month since my experience in New York has started. Moving here in January in order to train at WORKac, an architectural company I admire, was a big shift for me. I had a good job in my home country and had learnt a lot during my time there, but gaining international experience is always important. Having already experience working in Europe, training in architecture in the United States was next on my list. The architecture in NYC experience has been very enriching, and I keep on learning more and more new things everyday.

Adapting to this fast paced city is not very easy at first, but thankfully having a good support system helps getting into the flow. Anther very important thing to be able to go along with this lifestyle is being happy at work and well surrounded. Thankfully the WORKac team has so much to offer and really makes you feel comfortable and part of a bigger entity. The office dynamic is really good, and we all exchange and gain so much from each other.

The project I had been assigned to since the beginning of my training is BeMA, the new Beirut Museum of Art. This project is very dear to be since I get to work on my home country. When I joined the team we were still at the DD phase of the project, and we are now in the CD phase. I gained knoledge on how to create a full DD set, and then moving to the details of the CD phase. No matter how much we learn in school, a person never learn as much as when you get to the field. Training as part of the team, on an ongoing project has so much to offer.

Sarah Sioufi


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