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Hey there! I can believe my fifth month living in New York is already gone. It feels like It was yesterday when I first arrived in the city.In this monthly post, I thought about writing some recommendations for people that are going to move to NYC.

You can either try to look for apartments before coming to the States or start looking once you are here. I will give some recommendations on how to look for a place to live before coming here from my own experience.

My first piece of advice is to not lose hope, even when it seems that is impossible that is when you could find your future home.

The first thing that you need to know is all the paperwork that you are going to need to rent an apartment:

– ID

– 2 most recent pay stubs

– Last year’s tax return.

– Current Letter of employment or offer letter (if employment has not started)

– 2 most recent monthly bank statements

– Any additional financial assets.

If you have never worked in the United States before you will need a guarantor ( a person who will provide those documents for you, could be your father, a family member, or any other person). If you don’t have a guarantor either some companies will do that for you. Usually, they charge one month´s rent, but you will still need the two most recent monthly bank statements.

Once you have all the paperwork you need to decide the neighborhood that you want to live in, if you want an entire apartment for you or if you want to share one. All this will be determined by the budget you have. Once you have these two things decided the search is much easier although there is still a lot to decide. Will you want a doorman building? A furnished apartment? There are some things that in Spain are taken for granted but here they are considered a luxury such as an in-unit washing machine.

In my next post, I will talk about some web pages where you can find your future home!

Stay safe!

Macarena Chaves Martinez


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