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Hi all!

January was a very special month, since I was finally able to fulfil one of my dreams and travel to South America. This trip was mainly a Christmas gift from me to myself.

The main reason to travel was to visit one of my best friends, who happens to be living in Buenos Aires. However, we wanted to expand our horizons and visit a couple of extra places.

So, the travel was as follows:

  • Buenos Aires

First, I took a plane NYC-Buenos Aires, which takes about 11 hours (much more that what I was expecting). We stayed in BBAA for 3 days, during which we were able to discover amazing places and an incredible culture. I need to be honest, and say that one of my favourite things there was the food. It was just amazing. Ah! And I can not forget the people. They were the kindest ever and I enjoyed going out a lot.

  • Calafate

After Buenos Aires, we took a plane to Calafate, located in the South. The main touristic attraction there is the Perito Moreno Glazier. Nevertheless, we did more than just visiting the glacier (which i need to mention is stunning), and we also did some trekking in El Chaltén. We hiked up to the Laguna de los Tres which is a lake surrounded by mountain peaks.

  • Iguazu

After, we took another plane and travelled north this time, up to the Iguazu Falls. Everyone has recommended me to visit this place, and now, I understand why. The falls were an unbelievable landscape. But, I need to mention how hot the weather was. Then, we left Argentina and crossed to Brazil.

  • Brazil

We spend a week in Brazil visiting different beaches and our last destination, Sao Paulo. The city is super big and noisy, but it was a very good spot in which to finish our adventure.

Iratxe López


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