One month in New York

I can’t even believe that I am really here! One month since I moved to New York. For one side the time passed really fast and for other hand it was so many things for only one month. 

What a crazy turn my life just had! Now I’m in a new city, new continent, new job, new language, new apartment, basically a new life! My dreams become a reality. I believe I was really well receive in the city and everything it’s been really smoothly.  But still, it’s a lot to process. 

I don’t think I could have chosen a better studio to work. I am really happy with my choice. My chiefs are great and my colleagues as well. I have a lot of work in hands but I’m learning a lot too. I just need to get in the pace. But I am already sure this will be a much worthy experience. 

I’m becoming more aware of my new reality and now I am really sure this is what I need to step up my career and to get the knowledge that I need for my future.  

Thought this cultural experience we are able to learn a lot from the American way of doing architecture, not just the design conceptual phase but also the construction administration and anything related. For what I’ve seen so far, I will be able to truly know how to develop a project from the beginning to the end. And that is a really great opportunity to improve our skills and become better architects anywhere in the world.

Life is being a lot about work but I am also trying to get the best of this experience, getting to know the city and people. Just enjoying every moment and doing this that I usually don’t do back home! Trying to live it fully it’s one of my main goals while I’m here!

Catarina Fernandes


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