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The coldest winter days have already passed here in Chicago, and even if the weather is not warm enough to officially say that “spring has come”, let me tell you how much of a difference it is! From hibernating at my apartment or running from bar to bar hoping to not get frozen, to suddenly being able to be out in nature. Picnics at Lincoln Park with my friends, hanging around Logan Square… The city really feels full of energy, literally blooming! Can’t wait to experience more of it!


One of the many perks of living on the East side of the city is definitely having the Lake within walking distance from my apartment! During winter the weather was so chilly that I didn’t really get the chance of spending time and actually walking along Lake Michigan… But now that the weather is changing there isn’t a week I don’t go! Wherever I look there are always people around, either walking and exercising or just hanging around. Such a nice vibe! I might even get some second-hand roller skates to enjoy it even more!


If, like me, you love walking and discovering new trails the 606 Trail is a must in Chicago! Starting near Logan Square the trail crosses the city West to East in 2,7 miles. It is the perfect plan to have brunch in one of the many vibrant and hip terraces of Logan (great places for Mexican food), and then start walking the 606. It is the longest greenway conversion of a former railway in the whole country! Going with friends or walking solo and listening to some podcast is equally great, besides being able to see Chicago at a different pace and perspective. I will be definitely repeating it! (but be advised to bring water with you!)

Can’t wait to keep sharing my experiences in the Windy City with you! See y’all in the next post!

Cristina Asla


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