Weekend in Las Vegas
James Walsh

Episode 5: Roadtrip

Hello everyone and welcome to another month of this great experience that I am living. This month I would like to focus on the leisure you can do while leaving the city. My girlfriend was in Los Angeles and we decided it was the perfect time to do a roadtrip during my days off.

California offers endless opportunities and places to visit throughout your journey. Hundreds of towns, diverse landscapes and contrasting climates make California the perfect summary to feel the American spirit.

The first thing is to get a car, which will not be difficult if you have organized yourself well beforehand. As a foreigner, your driver’s license should be valid in California. However, I also added the international license, something that I recommend to be safe, especially if you cross other states (each state has its own regulations).

Then, you need to plan your route carefully, since, at least in my personal case, there are too many things on my To-Do list. We did a tour visiting a couple of other states: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, 101 Freeway Villages and San Francisco.

It has literally been the best road trip of my life, highly recommended guys!
As the main tip of the month: be aware that American traffic regulations are different. Similar, but different!

Finally, the routine returns after this incredible week. I am looking forward to seeing what new projects I will have during the summer in Los Angeles. It’s amazing that I’ve already spent half of my program here. In the next blog I will try to tell you about the types of projects we do in the studio so: stay tuned! 😊

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