Settling in San Francisco

2 months already!

this month went so fast I feel like I don’t remember anything. Work is hard because I am still adapting to the imperial system, learning Revit, learning about the American culture and the work lifestyle, which is very different from other countries (france, australia for exemple). The projects I am working on are very exciting, it is high end residential projects for interior design, and I love spending time focusing on little details, which I never had the opportunity to do since I was always working in Architecture before. So I feel very much behind everyone and I feel like I am very slow, but these 3 facts take time to digest and incorporate into the work. I feel very pressured because of this but I am sure it will get smoother with time. This is a very big challenge for me and I am up for it because I love to learn and expend my skills.

Other than work, I love the lifestyle of SF, I started meeting new people through facebook groups and have been planning recurrent picnics in the Golden Gate park for craft and snacks with a bunch of ladies. This city is a very young and educated type of mentality which I love, every body has an interesting job and people are filled with ambitions. So many cultural events happening as well! I am a member of a pottery studio where I enjoy spending my weekends, and I also registered for an 8 weeks jewelry course workshop. I just joined a gym near my place, and I am starting to get familiar with my routine.


Tania Hayek


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