What are some recommendations you would give a new architect in the industry?

Cracking into the Architecture labor market can be time consuming and require patience! Here at Architect-US, we thought that it would be helpful for you to hear advice and recommendations from those that have already cracked the market! So we have put together some of the key recommendations and tips that decision makers in firms large and small had for you! 👍👍👍

Every architect and designer needs to start somewhere, and access to a strong professional network of decision makers does not happen overnight. So we have put together some of the key recommendations and tips that decision makers in firms large and small had for you!

1. Recommendations from Smaller Firms

One of our smaller firms in California said that they expect you to be professional, clearly express your accountability and ownership of your work, ask some good questions.

Organize the presentation of your work with a smart and considered logic. They warn applicants not to present your work digitally. Be sure your images are large enough to be seen and reviewed well. Bring process – hand drawings, working drawings, express your versatility and interests.

2. Recommendations from Medium Firms

One of the Managing Principals at AMLGM said that applicants should talk about what they care about and what they want. Don’t hold back to try and find the right fit as well. Be yourself! 👀 You must try to strike a balance between presenting yourself as an individual, but also as a team player that can contribute to the cause.

Many firms stated that they view the applicant’s research into the firm to be prepared to ask meaningful questions as a crucial factor when deciding to on-board someone. As it shows if the candidate is truly interested in the opportunity. So make sure you are prepared with research about the firm and what they do, present your work succinctly and clearly!

3. Recommendations from Large Firms

One of the Design Directors at HOK recommended that architects be clear and concise in their language. Ask questions. Come prepared knowing who you are going to talk to and what position you are interviewing for. If there is any knowledge you have about the project you would be placed on, try to tailor your response to demonstrate your ability successfully.

A topic that kept coming up throughout the interviews and surveys was the applicants willingness to receive constructive criticism during the process and maintain a positive attitude that contributes to the team instead of taking away from it! Remember, they are vetting you to see if you can fit in their system, but they want to make sure that you feel comfortable doing so, and that you are able to contribute.

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