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History and Culture of Doo Architecture

Based in Miami and Barcelona, Doo Architecture is a collective of leaders in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design, research and branding. Each of them comes with a unique professional experience and an array of diverse projects throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and North and South America. Doo Architecture, founded by Alexis Cogul Lleonart, applies a multi-disciplinary philosophy and bring strategy and an eye for urban planning to everything they design and create – whether a home or an office or a retail store, whether it is a building, or whether it is the interior or exterior landscape.

What moves them? The constant socio-political evolution of our habitats has led us to consider architecture in a continuous changing context, one that requires both specialization and collaboration within different fields. Things like contemporary lifestyles, the new social trends, the arts and the ongoing environmental issues are now leading our interest in the intellectual design process. They believe each project has its own, unique DNA and our mission is to discover it. And central to that is the inhabitant or consumer. Their focus is to understand his or her practices, qualities and emotions, or the corporate culture of a business we are building for, so that our design flows to accommodate their existing functions, whether they be commercial or domestic.

Their projects exist solely in the presence of its inhabitants.

Doo Architecture has gained cultural advantages from our travels and discovered new insights in each project, applying these valuable lessons when applicable, while treating each design individually, recognizing its DNA. They are well versed in the latest 3d design systems and use cutting edge technology so we can track our vision along the way.

They are always curious about what is next. Discovery is key. By applying our experience, processes, creativity and curiosity to your project, you will discover an enhanced and optimum relationship to the space or spaces you inhabit.

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Alexis Cogul Lleonart doesn’t follow. In his world, form facilitates function.

An international architect and designer with a dual degree in urban planning, Cogul must see it before he builds it. Whether designing an object, room, house or building, he must first envision the use of the space by its occupants. Most modern architecture may fit the form- follows-function model, but the Barcelona-born Cogul takes a step further in his mission to customize rooms for their optimum use.

He has been doing this for more than 15 years, working on a number of internationally renowned and award-winning projects. As a young entrepreneur, he has taken his vision to the business world, creating a number of start-ups fueled by the philosophy that design enhances the experience of living, working, or playing in any space.

“It’s about using architecture as a useful tool in achieving final function utilization—in other words, the use you want for that space.”

After collaborating with Oppenheim Architecture in Miami for several years, Cogul founded Doo Architecture, which has partnerships and alliances around the world. Its mission is to not only build the future, but also find investment opportunities and financing for projects that mirror his vision: an industry where the urban social and economic use of a space are inseparable from its design and construction.

Three years later, after being named one of 2013’s Top 10 Designers of the Year by the Wolfsonian Museum’s Visionaries organization, Cogul felt there was a huge disconnect between the construction industry and design. He started a new concept of architectural atelier or lab called Doo Corp, where design, construction and development are conceptualized together from the beginning of a project. This commitment to create spaces that are better suited for their function and provide better client experiences, has been proven effective for brands like the Ritz Carlton and Starwood Hotels.

“My dream project? I guess a library or a museum – any project that would force me to study the contents of the structure and the use by a number of people so I can invent something unique that will not only facilitate the program but provide the perfect space for it.”

In 2016, Cogul founded the Brand Cogul Design labs, a laboratory of miscellaneous designs for just about anything that would occupy a space. Creating has always been the driving force in his design and the journey took him to the lab, which is best described as the studio of a designer scientist. This is where Cogul can put his vision on objects other than bricks and mortar – on furniture, light fixtures, flooring materials and patterns, the details that define a space when it is no longer empty.

Cogul has a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Barcelona ESARQ UIC and a Master of Urban Design from UAB. He has worked as a professor at the ESARQ UIC and has participated in different conferences on modern architecture throughout the Spanish territory and USA, as well as in various expositions in Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna and Miami. In 2007, he obtained distinction from the Housing Ministry for best “Final Year Project Work” for the Architecture & Urbanism Biennale.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Doo Architecture‘s Selected Projects

Silverspot The Corners, Brookfield, Wisconsin

A long and narrow space hosts several functions as a bar, restaurant, cinema concierge services, etc.

The interior architecture, pretends to create a visual distortion of the space by curving a consecutive rib structure from the concierge area up to the restaurant side. The goal is to create a contrast in materials and the geometry of the space, organizing the program without dividing the areas. Instead of walls or division elements, materials application acts as a space and program divider.

2019 Rethinking the Future Awards Awardee for Commercial Concept: https://awards.re-thinkingthefuture.com/gada-runner-up-2019/brookfield-silverspot-cinemas-doo-architecture/

Interior Architecture

New Construction

Project Area
8,000 Interior AC Area

Completed 2019

Photos by Doo Architecture

Lake House

The Ritz Carlton Residences Miami Beach, Florida

Lakehouse was envisioned as a living environment unto itself — a home within the home. The goal was to take a large space and turn it into something warm and inviting that canactually be lived in. Layers of texture create depth, with a spare use of materials on the surrounding surfaces. Wood, stone, and ambient lighting set the stage for a dramatic masterpiece.

Optical illusions surround and captivate the eye, bringing walls closer and pushing them further than proportions suggest. An open concept kitchen faces the water and back terrace, leading to the dining area which then flows into the living area. These distinct spaces are free to enjoy their own spirit and personality, their individual identities part of a larger story. The wine library features 20’ ceilings, mirrored from above to create an otherworldly depth. Maps set into the wall highlight the various regions of a well traveled wine collection.


2020 Rethinking the Future Awards Awardee for Residential Interior Concept




Forbes Magazine:


Miami Curved:


Interior Architecture

Interior Build out

Project Area
10.000 Interior AC Area +
8000 sqf of Roof Top terrace

Under Construction

Photos by Doo Architecture

STU Club Williamsburg, New York

Williamsburg as a vibrant and emerging neighborhood it provides the perfect canvas for a new and fresh musical venue. STU NYC catches the local essence and enhance an existing space into a unique vibrant night club. Tying together STU the brand with the existing industrial background on the place, STU purposes a unique exclusive urban loft design approach, mixed in with a vintage chic mood and VIP approach.

Interior Architecture

Interior Build out

Project Area
6.000 Interior AC Area


Photos by Doo Architecture

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