Nelligan White Architects Selected Projects #4

History and Culture of Nelligan White Architects

Nelligan White Architects PLLC is a New York City firm recognized for pioneering work in energy-conscious and sustainable design. This comprehensive practice of architecture includes new construction, master planning, and the reconstruction and adaptive re-use of historic structures. The firm’s projects range from the design of individual pieces of furniture to institutional projects over 1.2 million square feet. Over the last ten years, Nelligan White has designed and administered construction for projects totaling over a half billion dollars in value. Most of this work has been for educational, institutional and commercial clients.

Organized as a collaborative environment, all members of the team participate in design, technical work, and construction administration. Although the list of residential and commercial projects are extensive, a long-standing commitment to public and cultural work has remained a central part of the practice.

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In their practice, Nelligan White has pioneered the use of twenty-first century techniques and materials in rebuilding and restoring important structures throughout New York City that would otherwise be lost. Their work, shaped by decades of research and historic reconstruction, demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of building performance and traditional uses of materials. This process involves careful and efficient responses to programmatic, urbanistic, and technical issues with continual participation from the principals throughout all phases of design and construction.

Nelligan White was responsible for the historic preservation and adaptive reuse of three Armories for the New York City Department of Design and Construction: the Bedford-Atlantic Armory, the Park Slope Armory, and the Franklin Armory. Among the firm’s numerous awards for architectural excellence, these projects earned them the Lucy G. Moses preservation award from the New York Landmarks Conservancy. Nelligan Whites’ repertoire demonstrates a capacity to produce work on time and on budget for clients while skillfully developing innovative and environmentally conscious solutions to meet challenging problems.

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Architect-US Participants

Macarena Chaves Martinez

Macarena has been working with Nelligan White Architects for more than 2 months now and has been given the title of Junior Architect Designer. She started her career in Madrid, Spain after graduating from ETSAM and then was able to co-found a firm called Karma Design. Quite soon after she got the opportunity to work in New York City with Nelligan White Architects.

Maria Diez Revilla

Maria has been working with Nelligan White Architects for more than 2 months now and has been given the title of Junior Architect Designer. She started her career in Madrid, Spain after graduating from ETSAM and then was able to work at Polanco y Diez Arquitectos in Cantabria, Spain for 5 months. After that she got the opportunity to work in New York City with Nelligan White Architects.

As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Nelligan White Architects’ Selected Projects

PS 277 Bronx is a wonderful example of C.B.J. Snyder’s English-Flemish renaissance revival style. Very few of his ornate schools remain today. This building is distinguishable by its light-colored face-brick, limestone masonry, terra cotta ornamentations, mansard roof, and central spire. The structural system of this building is an early example of a masonry and steel structure. This building experienced extensive water penetration over the years that resulted in problematic structural conditions. After years of corrosion and expansion, the resulting stress created enough tension to crack the exterior masonry.

The Nelligan White team conducted exploratory probes and material testing to investigate structural conditions and water infiltration points. We discovered water ingress around the windows to be a major source of water infiltration. The team removed and reinstalled all windows to create a watertight seal and installed further waterproofing components. Roofing ventilation proved to be another challenge as the building’s current condition exhibited a critical life safety issue. A full analysis concluded that restoration campaigns were necessary to upgrade the roof, exterior masonry, windows, parapets, and heating plant.

This project was substantially completed in April, 2014.

Photos by Nelligan White Architects

PS 154 Brooklyn

P.S. 154 Brooklyn was designed and built under C.B.J. Snyder in 1908. The school building exhibits many elements of historic character with which Snyder was known for. For more than a century the building has served its purpose in serving the community. As a result, for its history and time served, the building acquired severe damage due to water infiltration. Hired by SCA, Nelligan White Architects conducted full scope reports finding damage in each of the 27 rooms of this school building. Widespread, the damage resulted in a full masonry restoration of all facades.

Nelligan White Architects utilized exploratory probes to investigate the depth of water damage within the masonry and structural elements. Somewhere over years of damage repair, the original terra cotta cornice had been removed. The Cornice’s primary function is to shield the building from direct rain.  Several steps had to be taken by our talented Architects in mitigating the perpetual water infiltration issue; Installation of a waterproof membrane and narrow drainage plane were applied to fully waterproof the building. Replacing the cornice and recreating the original architectural design was an essential step in our team’s investigation to waterproofing the building and restoring its historic architectural character. Other decorative architectural elements included in the rehabilitation were: terra cotta jack arches and sills around window openings, quoins, terra cotta pendants framing the main entryway, and a decorative limestone balcony.

Construction was completed in 2014.

Photos by Nelligan White Architects

IS 201 Brooklyn

Nelligan White designed and oversaw the construction of an extensive renovation that addressed the entire enclosure of this historic Brooklyn elementary school.

IS 201 Brooklyn is a junior high school (grades 6 – 8) for 1532 students and 175 staff. It was designed by William H. Gompert in 1924 along 12th Avenue (between 80th and 81st Streets) in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

This building shell renovation includes the removal of all face brick masonry and replacement over a narrow cavity drainage plane, as well as a ten-foot perimeter excavation to provide waterproofing at the perimeter of the foundation of the building. The existing windows have been reinstalled with new blocking and flashing, and the roof and parapets have been replaced. the site civil work also includes new drainage and dry wells. Our design ensures that the building’s structural steel frame will be protected against corrosion, and the water and air barrier is effectively integrated with the new flashing at masonry openings.

Substantial completion was reached in February, 2018.

Photos by Nelligan White Architects

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Nelligan White Architects

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