Welcome to New York!

My entrance to United States was quiet. The work is pretty cool. The area where it is located is industri city, where formerly it was an area dedicated to machinery. It is the marginalized area of ​​Brooklyn, but it is becoming the largest office area in Brooklyn. Its enclosure is limited by the sea and by the deep zone of brooklyn. The area consists of 6 buildings placed in a row, with the same material format and composition.

They have filled offices for startups or design companies. It has the peculiar characteristic that all the lows include cafeterias restaurant type foodtrucks and other modalities like Italian, but basically of food for lunch.

Between building and building there is a recreation area. So outdoor activities, a skate park and a cornhole area is what I have been able to use so far during my breaks during work.

My job is to design interiors. We are designing a hotel in Navshville, Tennesse. My company has patented a system of construction of furniture modules that serves to design any room. My day to day is based on improving that design and making it viable. We are an important group of creative designers and handymen, who share ideas, designs and learning.

Marta Barcia


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