It is impressive how the methodology of the design changed through the years; the tendency of making drawings evolved from hand-making, later Autocad, and now BIM with their diverse software. Nowadays, is incredible for many of us the innovation, although at the same time can be difficult being on the same rhythm as Technology evolves. I will share some main ideas to keep in mind to be up-to-date with all these innovation technologies or the new ones that can come.

#1. Work more efficiently and productive:
Realize that most of these new Architectural softwares such as Revit, Formit, ArchiCAD, Rhino, etc… have as purpose to improve your work process, helping you be more productive and spend less time on your tasks.

#2. The 10 minutes tip!:
During our daily, we are busy with our studies, work or responsibilities, what I recommend is to spend this time daily finding new ways to make what you’re doing today or how you can improve what you’re doing today. Unconsciously when you apply this tip, you will realize that you’ll be updated with this daily practice. This tip has been helpful through my architectural experience, and also I’ve applied that to my time management.

#3. Enroll in a course:
Always a good technique is to start a course by an authorized training center to make sure you have the best learning experience, or as a second option, find other options of tutorial training on the internet. The purpose of this tip is to give you the tools for the next tip, «Pilot Project.»

#4. Pilot Project:
The pilot project is the last and, at the same time is the most important tip when you feel that you have learned the use of the main tools. It is time to start a pilot project; if you want to propose it in the office where your work, try to propose it in a flexible project, and then when your work team will feel more confident about it, propose to apply the softwares to bigger projects.

Moisés Arauz


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