One more step

These Christmas holidays have been different then ever before. My precious gift was not located under the trees, it was not something to unwrap in the morning of the December 25. The idea of myself travelling all over the word to end up in a bright American city where to start my trainee program was enough to me. Thank you Santa, I don’t need anything else this year!

Now I’m at home, compulsively checking on my laptop if my J1 visa has been approved.

It’s the last step to leave Italy for 18 months and start my new adventure.

The process was not that easy, pretty stressful, but Architect-US has been always there to support me.

I’ve found Architect-US on the internet, searching for new opportunity abroad. It’s been years that I wanted to take a big step and move in a different country and explore a different culture. In the past, I had the occasion to study abroad, in Australia, and I remember this experience as very formative for me. When I was there I had the occasion to learn a lot, as a person and also as an architect. I met a lot of new interesting people and some of them are still a good friend of mine. I saw beautiful natural spaces and amazing cities.

And that’s what I pretty much expect from this new experience.

I now it’s not gonna always be that easy, but I really can’t wait to be involved in the American culture.

I checked on internet about Houston attractions and of course the Nasa space center is one of them! Wow, I’m so excited about it.

Now I will spend the next few days packing all my stuff and waving at friends, hoping to see some of them in Houston to visit me.

I can’t wait to start! Houston, I’m coming!

Federica Ferremi


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