Christmas season around the corner

With christmas just around the corner, is the moment to realize how fast time flys by. We are closer and closer to the end of the year and I couldn’t be more happy with my experience here. Each day I am learning more about myself and about the life here in the US. New York is an amazing city and I love the variety it has to offer in all its aspects.

Nevertheless, during the month of November I also had the opportunity to discover Boston. I had the chance to visit this city during Thanksgivings and it couldn’t have been a better idea. Boston is a small city (if compared to the scale of NYC) located to its north. Its inhabitants were the kindest ever and the city was shinning with all the Christmas light and decorations. I was a fantastic experience to learn more about the socio-political history of the country and it helped me to enlarged my knowledge.

After the holidays it was time to come back to the city. Is incredible how everyone lives the Christmas season here. There are decorations, Christmas trees and parties everywhere. I attended SantaCon with my friends and it couldn’t have been funnier. Everyone was dressed up as Santa in Manhattan!!!

Nevertheless, Christmas being that close also implies that real cold is here. Weather is getting colder and colder everyday and this weekend temperatures are expected to get freezing.

Not much more to say for now. I hope that everyone merry Christmas surrounded by friends and family.

Iratxe López


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