Great work, great day!

If one year ago someone would have told me that just after 12 months I would have been responsible for a new project’s design, I wouldn’t believe it.

Yes, one year it’s already gone and now I’m starting realizing I really don’t have so much time left to spend here in Houston and in RDLR Architects, so that I’m really trying to enjoy every moment.

I remember when I first arrived in this new large city I felt landed on a different planet. It took me a while to adapt myslef on working using feet and inches (sometimes I still really miss the metric system), but now everything comes so easy. When I first arrived, I didn’t know how to properly use Revit, and I had to learn this amezing program day by day. But now, after so many months using it, I could never go back and working how I used to do. I’m also learning how to work on New Forma and Bluebeam, learning how to properly manage the project and sharing information with the team. It’s pretty excited to work with so many dirrefet people and consultants, and now I feel comfortable working with them on big and complex Bim models.

It has been very helpful to have some people expert in Revit that have been able to help me and to reply to all my questions. I remember of having so many doubts on how to use the programs at the beginning, but I could always count on great people patiently explaining and training me . I’ve been very fortunate to find such a great firm!

I also understood how important is to spend some time with colleagues after work. This really helps creating a very nice work environment, where I feel comnfortable and appreciate.

To eveyone that is wondering if doing a similar experience could be a good idea, I just want to say: Do It! It couldn’t possibly be better than it is!

Federica Ferremi


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