Bowling for a FundRaiser

In this month’s cultural activity I went to a bowling tournament. This happens every year in the month of October and I went with the company where I’m currently working for, WZA Architects participates in this bowling tournament. The city of Tamarac organizes this night event and invites all the compannies that they partner with, and WZA is one of them. They have been doing this for a few years now (last year because of Covid 19 they didn’t  do it) so this year was the welcomeback event. This evening – night consisted  of two bowling games with your group (co-workers from the same company), a menu, two drinks, and at the end some raffles.


This year was particulary special because WZA was one of the sponsors of the tournament.

We left the office around  5pm. The competitions started half past six so the people would have time to have a drink or eat something and socialize. This year menu was pizza, chicken fingers and fries, for each person and we could choose two drinks for the bar. We had tree lines to play so we diveded in three teams and compete.



This was the opportunity to interact with my co-workers in a diferrent scenario, without the weigh of work and responsabilities. They all are incredible people and they are fun. I discovered that one of the senior architecture project manager is really good bowling player.  His name is Gino. Therefore, his team won! They were the ones that got the highest score in both rounds. I team up with the owner of the company and his girlfriend, it was good to have the chance to interact with him, get to know him a little better to a personal level, and because his girlfiend and I weren’t that good at bowling he was the one who dragged the team out of the slump.

By the end of the night the event’s organizers did some raffles and one of my co-workers won. Right after  we all went home.

Awesome night!!!

Laura Velasco


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