First month completed, 17 to go!

It is already one month since I arrived in New York. I can’t believe how fast time flies!!

WOW, so many things happened in the last month. It seems like I have been living here for ages and at the same time, I still have a ton of things to do!

I will tell you some things about what I had experienced during my first month in NYC.

First of all, the unpredictable weather. It is incredible how unexpected it could be. When I first landed in the city, it was freezing cold. The real feel temperature was 6 Celsius degrees below zero. A week and a half later, you could go outside without any hat on. It was 20-celsius degrees. How crazy is that??

Also, I had the opportunity to go to my first architecture studio holiday Party. I have got to know all my colleagues. It was super nice. There was food, drinks, music it was super fun.

Last week my family landed in New York! How awesome is that? They will be spending Christmas and new year’s here with me!

This year will be my first Christmas away from home. The first time that I am not in Madrid this time of the year. I am super thankful that they could come. It was unsure because of the new covid variant, Omicron.

Although I don’t have time off of work, I have too many plans to do with them. Shopping in Soho, see the ball drop at times square (this one on the television), walk around Central Park… Getting to know the city at this time of the year happens once in a lifetime. Once they landed, we went to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. What could you expect to be more Christmas-related than that?

I can’t wait to keep making memories in this incredible city.  Next one, New Year’s!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Macarena Chaves Martinez


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