Norman Foster speaking at COP 2026

Norman Foster and John Kerry spoke together in Glasgow at the United Nations COP26 climate summit last week, and the focus, of course, was climate change and how we can tackle the challenge and the current negative impacts we are feeling collectively. Foster goes into detail about the importance that cities and urban design will have in the battle against climate change.

Foster commented on the impact that Covid has had on trends that were in full swing such as biophilic design and pedestrianization. Foster stated that he, “thinks there’s a very interesting overlap between the pandemic and the climate crisis. It’s forced us to reassess the balance between the global and the local. It’s made us aware of the benefits of globalization, and the importance of pooling resources.”

He goes on to comment that cities are often able to weather the storm and adapt as they always built back better. Foster says,”I think that it’s magnified trends that are all already there. I think we’re rediscovering the benefits of a traditional city.”

For Foster, “Global warming is a design issue: we have the ability, we have the brains, we have the technology. In that sense you are the architect of change.”

Foster also mentioned the need for working classes to be integrated more into city planning efforts as the century progresses.

If you are interested in hearing the full interview, find the link below.

Find the full YouTube video of the speech <<HERE>>

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