Floating District

Ramses Terrero is currently working at two different companies, one is Studio Nobody as a Creative Director, and the other is Bthree as a Project Engineer. He has worked with Architect-US in the past in order to make it over to Florida. He has been an adjunct professor in Florida International University and has always had a solid balanced career between professional and academic work.

Floating District is an example of his balance between professional and academic work, as you can see below the renderings tied in with the design shows the complete set of tools that Ramses applies when creating new projects.

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The aim of his project, Floating District,  is to take back the port spaces in major cities that normally are sacrificed to promote trade and fortify supply chains. Yet these spaces are for one purpose, rather than many purposes that could also serve the community nearby the ports. Ramses shows us how these spaces could be either repurposed or serve multi-use purposes, in which the port could also be a space for community collaboration and open space that could improve property value around the port.

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How would you reclaim port areas to serve a use for the community? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Ramses Terrero 

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