This has been a strange month here in Sacramento, California. COVID-19 has made a big change in the way of living and working in this country, also in my company. We started working from home, and we have been working here 2 months now. It has been difficult at the begging but as company they have been really helpful and they had a lot of patience, setting the workplace at home has been easy, I have a comfortable studio in Midtown Sacramento which had a nice table for me to work on, I had to bring my computer home and also some monitors to create a comfortable workspace that allowed me to perform my work the best that I could. Sometimes I felt alone being outside of your country and worried about what was happening in my home city , Madrid, but I focused in work and learning new tools so I could think as less as possible and try not to worry about that. We are still in a lock-down but I don’t think this is going to be like this for much longer. I am looking forward to go back to the office, and meet my workmates again.

In HMC we are a big family and we try to be really supportive to each other. This time I had focused a little bit more on myself, like doing yoga every morning, I also went for long walks in the morning and evening, which was really helpful to gain energies for the days coming, which where some days of trying to go out of my studio as less as possible. The city looked completely different, during the lock-down you would not even see one person in the streets of Sacramento, that was really weird, I am used to see this city with a lot of people gathering on parks and terraces, specially in Midtown Sacramento. Thanks to my workmates and of course help form the company my lockdown days where busy and filled with learning opportunities, for trying and doing new things, trying new tools, etc. That is really important so I could stay motivated all these days, and it made me forget about what was happening in Spain during work hours. I started a diary when I came here, a working diary, because I wanted to be able to know and see in what things I am getting better at work, and what other things I have learned and implemented in my work in such I natural way that I didn’t realize.

At the beginning I remember I was struggling a lot with such simple things as feet and inches, or even basic Revit skills, and now I am completely used to the Imperial units and in Revit I am using parametric modeling, which is an advanced tool, so I got so much better at those two, and know my tasks are others, such as the California Building Code, or some other things like learning Dynamo. What I love about working in HMC is that every month is a different challenge for me, I forced myself to learn new things every month and this attitude is giving me the chance to learn much more than what I ever imagined when I enrolled the Architect-US program. When I decided to join Architect-US I thought it was a real and fantastic opportunity to have a great professional and personal experience here in United States, but I could never imagine that this will become such a great experience for professional development, I am learning so much that I am completely grateful to HMC and Architect-US.

I hope this continues like this for the rest of the program, I have not even completed half of it, and now I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next. This is becoming one of the best experiences and adventures of my life, in both personal and professional ways. I hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible, and I can start travelling around or at least go back to the office. I will keep you posted about what is going to happen next because things are changing really fast during this days in California.

Thank you all for reading this


Arturo Rodríguez


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