New York Internship

My New York Internship thanks to Architect-US

Hi, everyone!

I would like to tell you my experience with Architect-US Career Training Program, which was great and about which I have no complaint.

I am an architecture student in the fourth year in IE University, which helped me get in touch with the architecture study in which I am currently doing my New York internship, Scalar Architecture, located in New York, USA.

The issue of the paperwork and visa to get into the USA is very difficult and complex, but my university got me in touch with Architect-US Career Training Program and my worries disappeared. My flight to New York was due at the end of February, as my internship started in March, and I got in touch with them in January, so I was a bit anxious, since I knew that the process to get the visa, in my case the J1, is a long process, normally over one month. However, Patricia García, member of Architect-US Career Training Program made everything easy for me, which enabled me to fulfill my dream of working in the USA. She got in touch with the study and solved the issue of paperwork in a short time, so I got my visa in time to take my flight to New York. I had no problem at all. Once settled in New York, we have kept in touch.

It was a gratifying experience and, in my opinion, the only way I could get my visa on time, as otherwise, I think it would have been almost impossible to do my New York Internship. I am really thankful for Architect-US‘s help during this process.

Now I am in New York, delighted with my internship!

Julia Castaño


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