How traveling influences your views on Architecture and Design (Interview)

In the beginning of the interview with Miguel, they start talking about his working schedule and how he balances his passion for music with his professional responsibilities. They then move on to the topic of how he became an artist, where at first, Miguel was not as interested in music because it was a more technical aspect and did not allow for open self-expression the way that architecture and design did. That is, until he found Jazz, which was one of the key factors for him to move to New York City.

Pati asked Miguel about where he got his discipline and dedication to improving his quality of work and professionalism, then he moved on to mention the role that his mother had in becoming so dedicated to his crafts. She is an artist and introduced him to sketching and finding a new outlet for his creativity, which later on lead to him becoming an architect. This openness and new methods for being able to express himself without being locked in by structure and tradition.

With this passion for sketching and expressing himself, he started applying for work in the USA via Architect-US, after he finished working with Juan Herreros in Madrid. After learning under Juan Herreros, he wanted to take his career to the next level and was able to find a job in New York City with Cetra Ruddy Architecture. Now he is working at Estudio Herreros in Madrid under the tutelage of Juan Herreros and he has his own band called Familia Normal.

Learn more about Miguel’s incredible story and how he was able to take his love for open-minded creativity to Architecture and Jazz.

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