E6 – The Met and Guggenheim

As you know, during the last three posts I have been talking about the most important Museums here in the city. Today I will talk about the Met and the Guggenheim and a way to get a year of membership in all the museums of New York.

A few weeks later after the MoMA, I had the opportunity to visit the Metropolitan. We arrive a little late because we enjoyed one of the best hamburgers in town. The place is called JG Melon, in the 72nd with the 3rd avenue. Their French fries are amazing! After we arrived at the museum, we only had time to see a really interesting exhibition on the rooftop from Hector Zamora. A 20 meters long curved ceramic wall that creates amazing shadows. You are in the middle of the forest when you are on this rooftop and only the skinny towers in the south appear between the trees. On the first floor, you will find an Egyptian temple covered by a huge roof that protects it from the elements, quite similar to the Debod temple in Madrid.

Last month I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition Countryside, The Future by Rem Koolhaas that was closed in March because of the pandemic in the Guggenheim Museum. It is open until February next year and I highly recommended it! I saw the museum from the outside for the very first time in June. I was shocked because in all the architectural photographs it looks much bigger. Maybe it is because you lose the sense of scale due to the lack of windows or it is because it’s surrounded by huge buildings. Like other exhibitions from Koolhaas, there is an oversaturation of information. It talks about the countryside and its automation and organization to maintain the way of living in our urban cities.

If you live in New York, you can apply to the NYCID. It is an identification card for New York residents and includes one year of membership in all the museums. It means that you can pay and donate as you wish in all of them so it worth it! You only will need your passport and proof of you live in the city. Totally recommended for newcomers!

Juan Carlos Bragado


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