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Weekend at the lake

Hola everyone!

The summer is my favorite time of the year because the weather gets warmer and everyone seems happier and more active. But definitely, the thing that I like the most, is how the sun stays with us more time so we can enjoy longer days.

The past months, whenever I said to any San Franciscan how excited I was for the summer to come, everyone looked at me in a kind weird way and said: “Summer here is not what you are expecting, it’s actually going to be cold, you will have to wait until October, when it gets a little bit warmer for a few weeks”. I refused to believe it, but honestly, they were right… San Francisco doesn’t have the best summer of California, its kind of cold and cloudy.

So, I decided that if the summer didn’t come to me, I will come to the summer. I planned a road trip with a friend looking for the warmer weather. We wanted to explore a little bit more about California, so we decided that going to Lake Tahoe would be a great idea!

The best way of travelling there is staying at one of the multiples campgrounds in the park. Okay, we learned the lesson, people are so organized, all the camping sites were booked since two months ago! We were trying to prepare everything just one week in advance, so, as you can imagine it was a hard to find a spot to camp. We ended up finding a really nice campground near Lake Tahoe, in a smaller lake called the French Meadows. It was really beautiful.

We had a really good time, we made fire, we cooked and played a lot of different games. But the most important thing to me, it was super warm that we could also swim in the lake!!!

Alejandro Alonso

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