Museums have reopened in NYC


September is here and museums reopening with it! It has been almost six months since I could physically visit a museum in the city,… One of the most difficult things for me during these months has been living without any cultural event. NYC it is one of the most amazing cities if you are a passionate of culture and art. It has so many options that can become over-warming. I remember when I arrived last September and during six months, before all this covid nightmare would hit the whole world, I used to go every weekend to different events, galleries openings, museums, performances, festivals,… there was always something to see and learn. There immense offer every week made  hard to decide where to go and what to skip that time.

I was so happy during that months, the weekends were all amazing and gave all the energy and good vibes needed for the week! I also learned so much and I have to say that this city has become me more passionate about art, every week that was starting I felt that a knew new things, that I learned about new artist, techniques and movements.

All these exiting feelings I used to  had were all gone with the lock down. During 6 months has been completely impossible to visit anything physically so most of my spare time was reduced to read and watch online events, which I were also great and super interesting but nothing compare with the visit experience and the environment when going to a gallery or museum.

After all these months, the government announced that museums could reopen in September with restrictions controlling access and keeping always social distance. Since the announcement I have been able to book visit for MOMA and Whitney and next week is the turn for MET! It has been amazing having the opportunity to visit them again and the most exiting thing has been to have the possibility to see the museum practically empty. This last weekend walking around MOMA has been incredbibly grateful, one of the best cultural experiences since I arrived! I encourage all of you if you are here in NYC to go!

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