Getting away from the city

One of my favorite things about New York City is what a flexible city it is. It is the city that never sleeps, where you are literally steps away from the best food, best nightlife, best museums, and best coolest architecture. However, I have learned that its also the city that you need to step away from once in a while, not just to see its beautiful skylight from far away but also to really just take a breath. Pausing to take a breath is important when living in such a fast paced city.

I have learned that New Yorkers are big hikers and have gone hiking twice already. Around New York there are hundreds of mountains, of forests and little lakes to explore, and new yorkers are known for taking advantage of this every weekend. My favorite place so far to go hiking as been near a little town called Cold Springs– its about an hour and a half by train from NYC but the hike is stunning and the town is adorable.

Another thing New Yorkers do to get away from the city is go to the beach. Now, as a Mediterranean and beach lover, I admit that I was pretty skeptical. I figured the sand would be bad and the water would be cold and that what was even the point. Well, I am happy to say that I was wrong. The beach in New York is fantastic, much better than in my hometown of Portugal. The sand is perfect and water is much warmer than I am used to (around 23-25C in July and August!). Honestly, I was shocked since it was not something I expected I would be doing in NYC. I have already been to the beach 5 times, mostly to one called Rockaway, and am making sure I enjoy every moment of it before the summer ends.

Honestly, how many major cities do you know where you can easily access either a fantastic beach or beautiful nature, within an hour? I bet not many, which once again just goes to show what a truly special city New York is.

Marta Calvinho

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