Let the adventure begin!

My name is Maria, and I am a new participant of the J-1 trainee program with Architects-US. I am a recent Master graduated in Architecture from ETSAM (University Polytechnic of Madrid).

I cannot be happier. Three months after I graduated, I can say that I got my first job as an official architect and more and no less than in New York!

One month ago, I was having a pretty relaxing holiday in my hometown, giving a break after the last intense year of university, and at the same time trying to figure out what is was going to happened with my future and in one week everything changed. Then one night, I received an invitation for an interview for nArchitects in NYC, I was really surprised that anyone from NY would contact me, but it happened! And after the second interview I got the offer, I accepted and contacted Architects-US.

The next 20 days were super stressful preparing a moving, collectiong all the documentation but thanks to Architects- US everything went so much easier and three weeks later here I am. Waiting for tomorrow! NYC there I go!

I really want this adventure to start, I want to learn and enjoy such as an exciting, vibrant and cosmopolita as New York.
It is not the first time I travel to NYC but this time it is special, this time I will just by myself.  I do not lie saying I am afraid, I am leaving my family, friends and my life here but I am 100% sure that the experience is going to be unforgettable! I am sure that everything will go well and without realizing it I will be installed walking through the streets of the big apple as one more.

In a month I could tell you my first emotions and impressions! See you soon!!

Maria Diego

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