Dreams come true, New Jersey awaits!

The experience of my process and my architecture dreams

I am Daniela, Chilean and a completely passionate person about Architecture and adventures!

I always had an Architecture Dream of developing my career abroad in the face of new challenges and culture, especially in the USA, because all the Modern reference in Architecture and culture that I always have loved.

But there was a huge difference and distance between thinking or dreaming about an idea and making it happen, making it to come true. Is there  where Architect-US had his part in my life, helping to make the dream come true.

They helped me through the entire process. First, finding an awesome architecture studio where I could Apply, then getting the interviews, the contacts, paperwork and more, to finally apply for my J1 VISA.

And being honest, I was quite nervous on the day of my appointment at the embassy because we were in the middle of the COVID pandemic. My country had closed the borders and no one was able to get in or out of the country. The whole process was delayed a bit, so I thought it would be difficult for me to get the VISA, however, it was not hard and they only asked me: “what is the reason of your trip? “, so after answering that, my visa was approved.

Now I am ready to begin adventure in the fascinating world of architecture in New Jersey. My ticket is bought, my bags packed and my heart acinous, excited and grateful for this beautiful opportunity for personal development. Architecture always have been what makes my heart beat and I am ready to give my 100% and learn as much as I can. And of course  enjoying the process.

Thank you, Architect-US, for your amazing team that allows me to be living this awesome experience and my Architecture dream.

Daniela Santibañez


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